We’re engageSimply and we’re the team behind Eden. Howdy!

We all spend a lot of time these days staring at screens. And more than half of that time is spent interacting with our social connections about things we care about.

But hey … too many sites track us! Or they have banner ads that intrude on what we’re doing. Or even worse, some ads follow us everywhere!

We’ve envisioned the future of social networks where it’s personalized and intimate but also a safe place to share, discover and contribute.

We weren’t satisfied with the many social communities that just connect us to other people: We want to connect people who share the same interests and passions.

We wanted to give people the power to control how they connect with brands and products, not the other way around.

Join us and discover your community in Eden.


Hide Harashima, CTO
The Jar Group, nLytics, Early Bird Capital

Guilaine Jean-Pierre, Community Portfolio Manager.
Morgan Stanley, Citi Smith Barney, JP Morgan

Matt Schwach, Media Director Co-founder, The Media Edge (now MEC, a part of the WPP/GroupM network), Managing Director, MediaCom Chicago

Judy Shapiro. CEO & Founder
AT&T, Bel l Labs, CA, Comodo, Revlon, Lucent, Paltalk

Stephen Tortorici, CCO
Organic, Young & Rubicam, The Jar Group, iCrossing

Peter Hubbell, Board Member
EVP Saatchi & Saatchi D’Arcy, NW Ayer, BoomAgers, The Bowman Group

Louis Libin, Chief Content Syndication Scientist
CTO NBC, L3, NFL, Goodwill Games, AOL & Warner Music

Matt Foremski, Digital Marketing Strategist
Affiliate marketing partner with Lenovo, 1&1, BlueHost

Ariella Chase, Social Media Coordinator
Artist, performer, student.


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